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Friday, May 15, 2009

Our Conscience

When we know that we're doing what's right, we feel better about ourselves. Why? Because we have a little voice in our head called our "conscience." Our conscience is a feeling that tells us whether something is right or wrong. Have you ever spent sleepless nights because you listened to the wrong voice. If so, that is the perfect time to repent and ask the Lord for another day to do what's right. We all make bad decisions sometimes. God has given us a conscience to help us. The Holy Ghost is to lead and guide you into all truth. Our conscience is an important tool. It truly helps when we pay attention to it!

The more we listen to our conscience, the easier it is to behave ourselves. Here's what I try to do: first I need to slow down long enough to figure out the right thing to do-and then do it! When we can do this, we'll be proud of ourselves...and other people will be proud of us too. This life is full of hard knocks when we choose our fleshly ways instead of God's perfect ways. I am so glad that His patience is tender and long suffering. One last thought - when we get those guilty feelings because we don't pray enough - it may just be the Lord pulling you into your prayer closet.

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Mari said...

I think you are right, especially about that feeling of needing to pray more. I read a hint that someone else wrote once that I thought was kind of neat.
When you get that feeling of "I should be poraying more", picture Christ, sitting on your couch asking you to sit and talk with him. It puts a different spin on things for me!