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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Do We Have The Answers?

In Matthew
Jesus made the statement: I also will ask you one thing, which if ye tell me, I in like wise will tell you by what authority I do these things. The baptism of John, whence was it? from heaven, or of men?

Jesus made the statement: You must first answer my question then I’ll answer your question. Have you ever been in the place where you wonder why God doesn’t answer your questions? Could it be that we haven’t answered the questions that He has asked us? We wonder “what question is He asking me?” He may be asking us if we are willing to obey "all" of his word or trying to direct us about an obstacle in our lives. Could it be that maybe He’s talking to us through convictions and we let them roll off our sleeves long enough that we miss his conversation? Are we waking up at night thinking we just can’t sleep but maybe it's Him gently calling us to prayer at a time when nothing else can distract us? Our spirit knows when He is calling. Each one of us have witnessed his tug - I pray that we will answer so we can hear Him answer. True peace comes when we are right with Jesus. We will never be perfect, and he doesn't expect us to be. He just wants us to be a willing vessel that will heed to His call...

He truly wants us to have the answers to some of our questions. Don't forget prayer and fasting, and the more you pray the more you want to pray. A little sacrifice will soon feel like no sacrifice at all because our love for God is stronger.
Above all else this week, seek God...

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