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To be a leader, we must first learn how to follow.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


“What on earth does God intend for me to do with my life?” It’s an easy question to ask but, for many of us, a difficult question to answer. Why? Because God’s purposes aren’t always clear to us. Sometime we wander aimlessly in a wilderness of our own making. And sometimes, we struggle mightily against God in an unsuccessful attempt to find success and happiness through our own means, not His.

Are we genuinely trying to figure out God’s purpose for our life? If so, we can be sure that with God’s help, we will eventually discover it. So we keep praying, and keep watching. And rest assured: God’s got big plans for us…very big plans.

Discovering God’s purpose for our lives requires a willingness to be open. God’s plan is unfolding day by day. If we keep our eyes and our hearts open, He’ll reveal His plans. He may have quite a few lessons to teach us before we are fully prepared to do His will and fulfill His purposes.

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