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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

God's Timing is Best

Most of us are impatient for God to grant us the desires of our heart. Usually, we know what we want, and we know precisely when we want it: right now, if not sooner. But when God’s plans differ from our own, we must trust His infinite wisdom and His infinite love.
As busy people living in a fast-paced world, many of us find that waiting quietly for God is difficult. Why? Because we are fallible human beings seeking to live according to our own timetables, not God’s. In our better moments, we realize that patience is not only a virtue, it is also the essence of wisdom and the foundation of trust.
Trust God’s timing. God has very big plans in store for our lives, so we must trust Him and wait patiently for those plans to unfold. And remember: God’s timing is best, so we can’t allow ourselves to become discouraged if things don’t work out exactly as we wished. Instead of worrying about our future, entrust it to God.


Middle-aged Diva said...

This is so very true and I've seen it firsthand in my own life.

lena0201 said...

I totally agree time is of the essence. If we move or go out of Gods timing we can miss whatever it is he trying to teach us or give to us and if missed we may not get it our we may have to go thru the test again so time is very important.