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Monday, April 27, 2009

God is Interested

God is interested in every individual. As he walked with Adam in the garden of Eden, he desires to walk with us. He wants us to become acutely aware that our walk is in the spirit and not in the natural realm of man's ideologies. Through fellowship with the Lord, we become like him and
we will obtain power from him to resist every fiery dart the
devil thrusts at us to destroy our faith in God.
The method of becoming wise to satan's strategies is through revelation of the Holy Spirit...not with carnal observance. The armor of God is available to us as we draw near to God in the spirit. Putting on the armor of God will give us spiritual perception as to what satan is "up to". Satan has only one weapon, DECEIT. He can only use that weapon on the mind. We must UNDERSTAND our God is ALL powerful ALL of the time. We must understand that His power is within us when we are filled with Him! The only way for the devil to defeat us is for us to get out from under the blood of Jesus. NOTHING is powerful enough to overthrow us as long as our faith is in Jesus Christ.

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Cathy said...

Our faith is in Jesus, and we plead the blood of Jesus over our families, houses and animals, and pray a hedge of protection around them.